Breaking Boundaries website launches today

We are excited to announce a brand new Breaking Boundaries website that we have built in collaboration with non-profit Count Us In.

Our feature doc Breaking Boundaries, which launched on Netflix in June this year, has a simple goal: to ensure no-one can be in any doubt about the science that underpins the planetary emergency we are now in. In the film, Sir David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockström tell the story of one of the most important scientific discoveries of our time – that humanity has pushed beyond the boundaries that have kept Earth stable for 10,000 years.

But the film also offers hope, because it is our understanding of the science that gives us a roadmap out of the crisis: by identifying the planet’s boundaries and just how far we have overstepped them, we can clearly see the actions that need to be taken to bring all of humanity back into a safe operating space: a future where nature and people thrive.

Following the film’s launch, we have seen a lot of interest in the Planetary Boundary framework; much of the feedback has centred on the Climate Boundary – which is no surprise given its prominence in the film, mirrored now in many other forms of media as we approach the UN climate conference (COP26) in Glasgow next month. In these discussions, and in responses to our other environmental titles, one question has been repeated again and again: “What can I do?”

Breaking Boundaries makes it very clear that to return our planet to a stable, thriving state we must introduce systemic changes across major sectors and for this to succeed we need collaboration between all nations at the highest level. But it’s also true that individual actions are incredibly important – not just to shift each of us towards more sustainable lifestyles, but also to fuel the conversations and global awareness that is needed to encourage decision-makers to take the big bold actions required. In fact, a study by Project Drawdown reveals that select individual actions, taken at scale, have the potential to achieve 25-30% of the global emission reductions needed to avoid dangerous climate change.

So with this in mind we teamed up with Count Us In to provide a guided journey to all our viewers who are keen to keen to align their own lifestyles within planetary limits. The new website compiles a list of science-backed climate steps we can all take to bring humanity closer to the climate boundary safe zone. Learn more and take a climate step here.