Dear Earth

1 x 1’43” for You Tube Originals, first uploaded October 2021

October 2021 was the moment for the statement from Generation You Tube:

“Dear Earth, hang in there, we’ve got your back, just wait till we’re in charge!”

The 2020’s is the most critical decade in human history. We have ten years to radically change our course and prevent a rapid decline through a series of one-way tipping points that threaten to bring about a permanently poorer, less stable, less wild Earth.

And who will inherit this Earth? The YT audience. Those who are not yet in power. The billions who have to wait for the time when they call the shots, when they can run the world properly.

But this frustrated generation are not, in fact, powerless. As Heads of State gather in Glasgow in November to determine all our fates, the young can lead, even now, by drawing upon their great strengths – their energy, their knowledge, their creativity, their clear-sightedness – to raise the gaze of the world from the chaos and panic of today to a vision of a better, more sustainable, more equal tomorrow – the world that will become when they are in charge.

This special featured a host of celebrities from Billie Eilish to Barak Obama to BlackPink to Jaden Smith.  Studio Silverback acted as overall editorial consultants and provided special content from their Seat at the Table and Climate Games projects.

Editorial Consultants
Colin Butfield
Jonnie Hughes