Seat at the Table joins YouTube creator Jack Harries as he paints a truly global picture of the climate emergency. This stunningly shot 11-part series sees Jack travel from the southern tip of the UK to the UN climate conference in Scotland (COP26) whilst reaching out to collaborators across the world who though on the front lines of climate change often don’t have their voices heard.

Along his journey Jack will speak with creators, communities, campaigners and inventors spanning multiple continents to unfold the human stories of climate change. Gathering powerful on camera testimonies Jack arrives at COP26 with a striking film of the stories of young people around the planet that he aims to show to world leaders.


Episode Title: Sea Level Rise / 101

Jack Harries, Presenter
Sir David Attenborough, Contributor
Chhum Shimm, Contributor
Dr. Rob Barnett, Contributor
Aisha Niyaz, Contributor

Episode Title: Food Security / 102

Jack Harries, Presenter
Poppy Okotcha, Contributor
Sinead Fenton, Contributor
Adam smith, Contributor
Kotchakorn Voraakhom, Contributor
Richard Ballard, Contributor
Rachel Ama, Contributor

Episode Title: Air Pollution / 103

Jack Harries, Presenter
Sadiq Khan, Contributor
Anjali Raman-Middleton, Contributor
Destiny Boka-Batesa, Contributor
Love Ssega, Contributor
Tejas Sidnal, Contributor
James Warren, Contributor
Eric Griess, Contributor

Episode Title: Extreme Weather / 104

Jack Harries, Presenter
Dr. Rosie Oakes, Contributor
Finn Harries, Contributor
Dr. David Todd, Contributor
Mareike Harzem, Contributor

Episode Title: Wildfires / 105 

Jack Harries, Presenter
Nathan Fox, Contributor
Conrad Leather, Contributor
Abbie Pepper, Contributor
Sharne Maritz, Contributor

Episode Title: Deforestation / 106

Jack Harries, Presenter
Liam McLoone, Contributor
Henry Dobson, Contributor
Teddy Kinyanjui, Contributor
Lesein Mutunkei, Contributor

Episode Title: Clean Energy / 107

Jack Harries, Presenter
Lauren MacCallum, Contributor
Youssef El Hafidi, Contributor
Lharssen Bouzidi, Contributor

Episode Title: Carbon Capture / 108

Jack Harries, Presenter
Dr Jane Goodall, Contributor
Paul Turner, Contributor
Thando Mazomba, Contributor
Marlin Van Sensie, Contributor
Simon Amstell, Contributor

Episode Title: Sea Ice Melt / 109

Jack Harries, Presenter
Jamal Edwards, Contributor
Alun Hubbard, Contributor
Line Nagell Ylvisaker, Contributor

Episode Title: Into COP 26/ 110

Jack Harries, Presenter

Episode Title: COP 2 / 111

Jack Harries, Presenter