Sir David Attenborough at the COP26 Opening Ceremony

1 x 7’30” for UK COP26 team, 1st November 2021

Sir David, in his official capacity as People’s Advocate, was asked to deliver a speech during the Opening Ceremony of the UN’s COP26 in Glasgow, billed as the most important meeting humanity has ever had.

Sir David wanted to seize the opportunity to make this more than a speech – a highly engaging, audio-video presentation that would capture the attention of the Heads of State in the room, and represent the needs of people around the world.  We worked with Sir David on the editorial and the AV content.

Within hours the speech had been shared millions of times by hundreds of news agencies and influencers, and it came to be regarded as the “moment” of COP26.

Production Leads
Colin Butfield
Jonnie Hughes
Keith Scholey

Jon Clay

Steve Phillips

Throwing Snow

Assistant Producer
Natasha Filer

Roxy Furman

Archive Researcher
George Leith

Production Manager
Tash Dummelow


Production Co-Ordinator
Sophie Lavender

Dan Clamp

Meghan Spetch

Production Executive
Helen Healy

Sir David Attenborough at the COP26 Opening Ceremony