Studio Silverback produces content for “Dear Earth” – You Tube’s Climate broadcast event

Ahead of COP26  YouTube have an event broadcast on Saturday  23rd called Dear Earth.

It’s 100 mins of specially produced climate content aimed at the You Tube generation to respond to their demand ahead of COP26.

It’s a highly eclectic show- kind of like flipping through YT for 100 mins-  you get both Barak Obama and the Pope followed by Kermit and Billie Eilish.   But it’s very much tailored for the YT audience and often made by youtube creators.

Whilst in a completely different vain to The Earthshot Prize it is also something that you couldn’t have imagined happening even 5 years ago- times are definitely changing.

Studio Silverback are the only company to produce 3 segments for this:

  1. Climate Games 1-  Danny Macaskill trick riding in a wind turbine factory
  2. Climate Games 2-  Extreme skier JT Holmes races glacial meltwater on a fast retreating glacier in Canada
  3. Seat at the Table-  special 5 min launch promo

We were also consultant writers and producers for a few other segments including Black Pink.

Dear Earth | YouTube Originals – YouTube

It kicks off a season of climate content on Youtube with 5 climate series launching next week (including SATT) and a big media campaign called The Unfuckit Challenge