The Mating Game – our 5 part series is on BBC1 from October 3rd, 2021 and on BBC iPlayer




Animals will go extraordinary lengths in their desire to mate – there are romantics, fighters, cheats and show-offs, tales of lifelong devotionand some of the most surprising and beautiful sights on Earth.


The Mating Game, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, is an epic 5 x 60 minute landmark series on nature’s ultimate quest – the pursuit of a sexual partner. A challenge that unites all animal life on earth – the drive to pass on their genes to the next generation, but how do animals overcome the difficulties of their environments to find a mate and leave a lasting legacy?


The act of passion is the easy part … the drama of courtship and getting yourself to that envious position is the real challenge …

In each unique episode The Mating Game will explore the challenges animals face when trying to find a mate in a particular type of habitat. From wide open grasslands (Grasslands: In Plain Sight) and tangled jungles (Jungles: In the Thick of it) to the deep ocean (Oceans: Out of the Blue) and fleeting freshwaters (Freshwater: Timing Is Everything), The Mating Game will reveal the incredible strategies nature has evolved to find and secure a partner (Against all Odds): from exuberant dances and showy colours to life or death duels.


Filmed in startling 8K resolution The Mating Game will reveal some of the most remarkable, dramatic and humorous sexual strategies in the animal world – uniquely capturing the huge challenges of winning a partner from both a male and female perspective.

The Mating Game, a Silverback Films production for BBC, co-produced with Discovery, NHK, bilibili and France Télévisions