US president Joe Biden shows our film at his Leaders Summit on Climate – Earth Day 2021

Today on Earth Day, Silverback is immensely proud to announce that the US President Joe Biden has live-streamed a 10-minute clip from our forthcoming feature documentary Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet to 40 global leaders and a worldwide online audience as part of his crucial Climate Summit – a pivotal milestone on the journey to COP26.


Breaking Boundaries features the ground-breaking insights of Rockstar scientist Johan Rockström along with several other preeminent scientists from around the world. Many global leaders and influencers now echo the call from youth activist Greta Thunberg to “listen to the science”; This film lays out that science, clearly demonstrating how close we are to crossing irreversible tipping-points, while ultimately showing how the science can guide us on a path out of the planetary crisis we’re facing.

It’s a huge honour for our work to be used in this way and many congratulations to Jon Clay and the Breaking Boundaries team who created this remarkable film in the most challenging ‘year of Covid’!