Disneynature Diving with Dolphins

Diving with dolphins chronicles the making of Disney nature Dolphin Reef, the story of a young Pacific bottlenose Dolphin named Echo. From wave surfing with dolphins in South Africa to dancing with humpback whales in Hawaii, filmmakers go to great lengths– And depths – to shed new light on the ocean’s mysteries. Explorer seeing Céline Cousteau narrates English-language version.

Directed, Produced and Original Story by
Keith Scholey

Edit Directed and Produced by 
Helen Sampson

Narrated by
Celine Cousteau

Field Producers
Ingrid Kvale, Sophie Lanfear, Daniel “Raz” Rasmussen, Helen Sampson, Olly Scholey, Gisle Sverdrup

Associate Producer
Jane Hamlin

Production Manager
Emily Lascelles

Production Coordinators
Elly Salisbury, Emily Winks, Libby Duplock

Rachel James

Technical Support Manger
Dan Clamp

Technical Support
Darren Clementson, Charlie Dyer, Sean Pearce

Martin Elsbury

Original Score Composed by
Barnaby Taylor

David Fowler