Mystery of the Lost Island / Deadly Islands

Renowned zoologist and behaviour expert Dave Salmoni, is tested to his limits as he lives alongside some of Mother Nature’s fiercest predators. In this landmark series, Dave visits some of the world’s remotest islands to investigate how and why their native inhabitants have been so spectacularly successful at surviving — despite the harshest of conditions. In a unique approach that blends the blue-chip qualities of a natural history documentary series with an investigative twist, Dave becomes detective as he sets out to crack some of the last big secrets of these forgotten places.

6 x 60’ episodes for Discovery Network International (2014)

Producers: Graham Booth, Ed Charles, Daniel Huertas, Jonathan Smith
Series Producer: Huw Cordey
Executive Producer: Keith Scholey

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Executive Producer
Keith Scholey

Series Producer
Huw Cordey

Head of Production
Jane Hamlin

Adam Chapman, Ed Charles, Dan Huertas & Jonathan Smith

Adrian MacFarlane, Graham Booth & Nick White

Ben Anderson

Production Manager
Jenni Collie

Production Co-ordinators
Rebecca Coombs & Tara Knowles

Sound Recordists
Mike Kasic, Sean Millar & Zubin Sarosh

Chris Openshaw, Denis Lagrange, Didier Noirot, John Shier, Matt Aeberhard, Paul Stewart, Richard Wollocombe, Robin Cox, Rolf Steinmann, Simon Wagen, Toby Strong & Tom Fitz

Bobby Sheikh, Chris Godden, Dave Pearce, Martin Elsbury, Nick Carline & Sam Rogers

Technical Assistant
Charlie Dyer

Technical Support Manager
Dan Clamp

Lucy Wells & Libby Prins